In the Golden Given neighborhood in Parkland, acts of vandalism won’t disappear, according to one neighbor, Terrance McGee.

“After living here for about one month, at 3 a.m. I hear glass crack and something rattling in my fan,” McGee said, “And a couple of pops, and someone had shot my bedroom window with the BB gun while we were laying there.”

That was about a year ago. But he says the vandalism continued up until last week.

The first car window got busted out by a BB gun September 15. Since then, he’s had to replace almost all of his car windows.

“Hopefully someone knows something about it and says something, because I'm fresh out of $500 bills for windows,” McGee said.

McGee reported the incidents to the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. At this point a suspect has not been identified.

Even before McGee moved in, there were issues.

While the home was under construction thieves stole a pickup truck, security cameras, and thousands of dollars in construction equipment.

The homes are part of the Habitat for Humanity community in Parkland, and they are built in part by people like McGee.

"It's something you work for, you work toward, and you purchase, but they make it affordable for first time home buyers and people with challenged credit,” McGee said.

With that hard work McGee doesn't want to give up on his dream. He's put security in place to try to protect it, and moving out isn't an option.

"I've got to get to the bottom of this,” McGee said. “I've got to figure out how to make it stop, but I will not uproot my kids and family and make it stop, because other people have self-control issues."

In the next week, Habitat for Humanity in Pierce County and the Pierce County sheriff's department will convene a neighborhood meeting for residents.