The Port of Seattle and the Port of Tacoma have huge bearings on our regional economy.

KING 5’s Chris Daniels, Ryan Takeo and Alex Rozier take a look at how changes at other ports, including Canada’s Port City of Prince Rupert and the Panama Canal, could impact us locally.

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Ryan Takeo's Reporter Notebook: Tour of Panama Canal

Ryan Takeo's Reporter Notebook: Flavors of Panama City

Alex Rozier: Behind the scenes with a Port of Tacoma crane operator

<p>(Credit: KING)</p>

Michael Konopasek: Port's impact on Seattle-area businesses

TomboyX caters to women who desire comfortable brief or boxer-style underwear. (Credit: KING)

Little Prince Rupert, BC, creates big competition for Puget Sound ports

<p>Prince Rupert, BC, has a population of about 12,000, but its port industry could take business away from Seattle. (Credit: KING)</p>

Chris Daniels Reporter Notebook: Prince Rupert, BC

Prince Rupert. BC (Credit: KING)

Interview: Diving and salvage

Interview: Vigor ferry shipbuilders

Washington ports delegation visit the Panama Canal

A Washington delegation recently traveled to Central America to see the new Panama Canal expansion and assess the possible impact on our state&rsquo;s ports.