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One week after strong storms swept through Thurston County, the clean-up is still far from over for some homeowners in Lacey.

"Right now, we're living in a hotel, trying to make the best of it. We don't have much at the moment," said Marc Lowe.

A tree split Lowe's home right in half last Thursday, making it unlivable for his family.

While Lowe is grateful his family is okay and relieved that his homeowner's insurance is paying to put them up in a hotel, he knows their recovery from the storm will take time.

So far, the only real progress that's been made is pulling the tree out from his home and starting the process of cutting it up and hauling away the debris.

"I've heard anywhere from three months to a year before we can move back in," he said. "A lot of it will come down to insurance negotiations and permitting for the rebuild or repair or whatever they end up doing."

He's not alone.

The mayor of Lacey issued an emergency declaration after the storm due to widespread damage throughout the city.

Lacey's Public Works Director said his crews have been working nonstop to clear debris from right-of-ways, parks, and streets. He said they focused on streets and right-of-ways first, but still have about three weeks of work ahead of them.

Part of that work involves replacing sidewalks that were ripped up by the roots of fallen trees. The stumps of those trees must be removed as well.

The city is also working to streamline and speed up the permitting process for people who need to make repairs to their homes.

"I've run into a lot of people at the hotel that are in the same circumstances," said Lowe. "House destroyed, roofs, things like that."

Lowe said his family is trying to be patient, but they're worried about what their lives will look like over the next few months.

"It's going to be somewhat of an uphill battle," he said.