The Olympia Police Department shared a special note they got in their inbox about one of their officers on Monday.

A mom wrote the department to explain the special relationship her 5-year-old son has developed with one of their officers that the two met at the Starbucks on Martin Way.

She says her son wakes up early so they can stop by the coffee shop on the way to school.

“Every single morning, my boy will ask if we can stop by Starbucks, and not to get a drink, or treat, but to see if Officer Theis is there,” she wrote.

She said they see Theis maybe once a week, “and every single time he has welcomed my son.”

“He’s had a foot race through the store, made swords out of straws for his Power Rangers (Which my son HAD to bring in to show him), explained what police officers do when catching “bad guys” and even touched on gun safety.”

She said Theis is her son’s “hero.”

“He has made a huge impact on his life, and has cemented my son’s love and appreciation for the police force in general,” she wrote.

She said her son’s interactions with Theis has helped her have conversations about choices and consequences with him.

“I know that it’s just a small amount in what I am sure is a long day for [Theis], and I know that this is such a small thing compared to the millions of other events taking place every day for all of your officers, but I cannot say thank you enough for it, or even begin to explain how much it means to me watching my son’s face light up when he sees those police cars parked.”

She ended the email by saying, “Thank you Officer Theis, and the entire Olympia Police Department for all that you do every day. You are so, so appreciated.”