In the first public Board of Trustees meeting since this spring’s unrest at The Evergreen State College, a professor wanted to make sure the board members hadn’t forgotten all the protests.

“Did you know the college descended into literal anarchy?” testified Bret Weinstein.

"For days the campus was not under the control of the state," he said. "It was under the control of the protesters."

In May Weinstein held his biology classes off campus after college police could not guarantee his safety following protests.

Weinstein said he was the target of demonstrators after he criticized efforts to encourage white staff members and students to avoid campus during a school day.

Dozens of protesters flooded his office and more than 200 demonstrated outside of the college president’s office the next day, demanding for Weinstein to be fired.

Word spread across the country about the protests, triggering counter-demonstrations.

A New Jersey man was arrested after police said he called in a threat to kill people on the campus in June.
Weinstein said he has been trying to speak with the Board of Trustees since the protests, but they have not responded.

He chose to speak during the public hearing portion of the board’s regularly scheduled meeting July 12.

“I’m forced to conclude that you must not fully understand what has happened,” said Weinstein, “Because if you did fully understand…you would be forced to act in the interest of Evergreen.”

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Weinstein did not expand on what he wanted the trustees to do.

According to a college spokesperson, the trustees did not wish to comment on the meeting.

That spokesperson said six students are under investigation for their potential involvement in the protests and could face punishment.