After closing campus for three straight days, classes resumed at The Evergreen State College late Monday afternoon.

Someone called Thurston County dispatchers Thursday morning saying they were going to execute people on campus with a .44 Magnum.

College president George Bridges canceled school Thursday, Friday, and again Monday after new information about the threat was discovered, according to a college spokesperson.

Investigators told college administrators Monday afternoon there was no active threat to campus.

“At Evergreen, campus safety is our number-one priority,” said Bridges. "We are ready to get back to the business of teaching and learning.”

The threat came a week after protests involving an estimated 200 students made national news. Students were demanding for the resignation of biology professor Bret Weinstein after Weinstein raised concerns about race-related policy changes on campus.

Students eager to finish spring quarter, which wraps up next week, said the protests and the threats have been more than just distractions.

“I’m really frustrated,” said student Sam Naujokas. “I pay for this.”