Two ships heading to a scientific mission off the coast of Alaska helped locate the wreckage of a fishing vessel that's been missing since February.

The NOAA ships found the Destination ship on Thursday morning. It went missing while fishing for snow crab northwest of St. George, AK, according to a news release from the U.S. Coast Guard.

Using a multibeam echo sounder, the NOAA ship Oscar Dyson narrowed the search area in late April.

A second NOAA ship, the Fairweather, used its multibeam sonar to find the Destination ship's wreckage in about 250 feet of water earlier this month.

“The Marine Board appreciates NOAA’s help in locating the wreckage of the F/V Destination,” said Commander Scott Muller, U.S. Coast Guard, chairman of the Marine Board of Investigation. “The vessel location is an instrumental piece of our investigation. We have a long partnership with NOAA to support the safety of those on the sea and appreciate their assistance in this and past investigations.”

A U.S. Coast Guard dive team is expected to investigate the wreckage later this month.

The Coast Guard will hold a public hearing August 7 through 18 in Seattle as part of the Marine Board's investigation.