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A three-car crash Friday on the Aurora Bridge prompts old questions about safety.

It happened just before 11 a.m. The collision in the southbound lanes halted traffic for nearly an hour and a half. Two people were sent to the hospital.

However, it came almost two years to the day since a Ride the Ducks boat crash on the SR 99 bridge killed five people.

The Seattle Department of Transportation and the Washington State Department of Transportation both acknowledged Friday there have been no changes to the bridge’s layout since the accident. In fact, SDOT says those changes have not occurred because of ongoing litigation over the duck boat crash.

WSDOT owns the bridge, but SDOT manages the operations.

State Sen. Reuven Carlyle, D-Seattle, said he’s still concerned about the lack of action.

“I'm a father of four kids, and three teenagers, worried sick about them drivers, worried every day about them going over that bridge like every parent does,” he said.

Carlyle believes the speed limit should be reduced in the very least.

“We need to make some progress and slow people down,” he said.

Metro has had a policy in place for 15 years, which allows bus drivers to carefully occupy two lanes due to the width of the buses. Scott Gutierrez, Metro spokesman, says it's due in part to the rear view mirrors that stretch into oncoming traffic as well.

The Aurora Bridge is formally known as the George Washington Memorial Bridge and opened in 1932 as a way to connect growing North Seattle and the central part of the city.

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