Four major Western Washington roadways are on the list of most congested spots in the country, according to a new study.

Kirkland-based Inrix, which collects and studies traffic data, did a survey in March and April of 25 major metropolitan roadways and 100,000 locations.

Seattle finished just outside the top 10 at 11th in the study. It's the only piece of good news.

I-5 north, between Pike and 128th in Snohomish County, was ranked as the 20th worst stretch in the country in terms of delays. I-5, between Tacoma and Pike, was only a bit better, at 50th.
Those numbers will likely not surprise people, but Inrix says two other spots have quickly become among the most congested roads in the United States.

Bob Pishue, an analyst at Inrix, points to the spot just north of the Snohomish River on I-5.

"I-5 north in Marysville, that area has had a construction boom, housing boom up there, becoming a huge traffic hot spot," he said. It ranked 103rd in the survey.

Yet another stretch, 405 north between Tukwila and Renton, was the 90th worst stretch. Pishue did not, however, some help may be on the way. WSDOT is doing an environmental review of the widening of the roadway, with potential toll lanes. It could be online by 2019.

Pishue adds the whole point of the survey was to estimate the amount of economic and environmental harm from delays. The study estimates the delays could cost $15 billion by 2026, in lost time, wasted fuel, and carbon emissions.

By the way, Los Angeles is still #1 in the survey, with five of the worst 10 congested spots in the country.