With traditional campsites full this time of year, a new option has emerged.

Nick Strobaugh and Rosa Adams needed an escape from the noise and traffic of Seattle -- a few days to reorient themselves.

Finding a northwest campsite in the summer, however, can be as stressful as going to work.

"There's no more just going out on the weekend and camping -- being spontaneous," Adams said. "This was spontaneous. I literally found this four days ago."

The couple discovered Hipcamp, a new service that connects you with non-traditional campsites on private properties.

Rosa and Nick ended up at "When Pigs Fly Farm" outside of Mount Vernon. There are no pigs, but alpacas, horses, Scottish highland cattle and a dog named Sam.

They pitched their tent beneath a tree alongside a pond.

Chris Hamer runs the 10-acre farm. She has three camps on the property where people can pitch tents for about $50 per night.

Hamer said it's like Airbnb but with fresh air.

"That's what's kind of nice about it. The experiences people can get via Hipcamp is not like going to the state park," she said.

Hipcamp offers some 285,000 sites across the country, from lakeside tents to teepees. There are 408 locations in Washington alone.

"Hipcamp provides me insurance and screens the campers," Hamer said, "which makes me feel safe."

The cost of the camp varies according to amenities.

At Hamer's farm amenities include free fresh produce you can pick yourself -- even a full farm to table dinner, at an additional charge.

"It's amazing," Adams said. "I feel like I live here."