The city of Seattle's LGBTQ Commission called for Mayor Ed Murray's resignation Monday morning. This came the same time as four former Seattle mayors issued a letter of support for Murray to complete his term.

"To serve in the honorable role of Mayor of Seattle, one should be an exemplar of leadership, accountability, and honesty," LGBTQ Commission Co-chair Julia Ricciardi wrote in a letter to Murray. "Based on what we know at this time, we do not believe that you can embody these ideals, and public trust in your leadership has eroded."

Murray has said he won't resign.

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Sexual abuse allegations surfaced in recent months, prompting Murray to withdraw his bid for a second term as mayor. Documents uncovered by The Seattle Times a week ago brought the issues to a head, prompting several local leaders to call for Murray's resignation.

The LGBTQ commission said it stands with survivors of sexual assault and believes Murray's response to the allegations has been "harmful and inappropriate, particularly to LGBTQ individuals survivors of sexual abuse, and individuals with criminal history."

City councilwoman Lorena Gonzalez asked for Murray's resignation after the documents were reported. On Monday, she said the decision to vacate the office remains with Murray.

"There is nothing in the City's Charter or law that provides Council with that authority nor does the Charter or law articulate a 'resignation standard' or protocols," Gonzalez said in a statement. "In the absence of a resignation, I recommend that the City Council independently address issues related to either a voluntary or involuntary transition of Executive leadership."

Gonzalez supports a new joint council transition committee proposed by Murray on Monday, saying the effort would help prepare if the mayor ends up stepping down before his term is over.

Four former Seattle mayors issued a joint statement Monday morning, supporting Murray and calling for him to continue serving his term.

"We firmly believe Mayor Murray should continue to lead the city through the remainder of his term," the former mayors wrote. "A transition merely months before electing a new mayor would be messy and time consuming, and would present serious challenges to the day-to-day operations of the city."

The mayors included Wes Uhlman, Charles Royer, Norman Rice and Greg Nickels.

"We should now thank the mayor for his service to our city and look forward to him coming to work every day on behalf of the people of Seattle," they wrote.