Exactly one week after the Cascade Mall massacre that took five lives in Burlington, two high schools came together on Friday night to help the community take a step toward healing.

The youngest victim of the mall shooting was sixteen-year-old Sarai Lara, who was a sophomore at Mount Vernon High School.

So when the Mount Vernon Bulldogs took the field on Friday, they wanted to do something to pay tribute to Lara and the other shooting victims. They did so with splashes of pink on their uniforms, on their helmets, and with pink ribbons worn by the coaching staff.

But the team didn't stop there.

"An assistant coach of mind reminded me that Kamiak High School just went through the same thing," said Mount Vernon Head Coach Jay Silver. "We're just bonded basically, by this tragedy that happened to both of us."

He's referring to the July 30 shooting in Mukilteo that took the lives of three recent Kamiak graduates.

Silver reached out to Kamiak's coach and they decided to pay tribute to all of the recent shooting victims together.

The two teams held a moment of silence during the pregame ceremony, and then players and coaches from both teams embraced at the fifty yard line.

"We just wanted to show solidarity between the two communities that we understand and that we're all going through grief or have been through a similar grief,' said Silver. "And just hopefully show our kids that love is more important than wins and losses."