"Two times a week or three I just go to that place to feel him next to me," sobs Grisel Lozoya.

She can't get that day out of her head. It was the early morning hours of May 29 when an SUV struck and killed her 21-year-old son Kevin.

"Oh, very hard. I cannot even sleep," she says.

After almost two months, she was finally in court to face the man police say was driving that SUV. He's just 15 and now faces counts of felony hit-and-run and vehicular homicide.

In the days after Lozoya's death, tips trickled in. Then police found the suspect vehicle, a white 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee, dumped down an embankment off SR-900. Its front-end was damaged and missing the right headlight. Wreckage at the crime scene was a perfect match.

Lozoya feels for the suspect's parents but says she has lost much more.

"I mean, I'm never gonna see my son again," she said.

In court documents, police say the suspect admitted to swerving toward Kevin and his friends, trying to scare them as payback for flirting with the suspect's cousin at the party. A passenger in the jeep told police they knew they hit something, but didn't stop.

Kevin's younger brother, just seven years old, has so many questions.

"Before he died, he said, I love you. I love my brother. I want to see him. And I tell him he's with the angels now," said Lozoya.

The suspect is due back in court August 1.