Washington State Patrol is cracking down on drivers that don't give troopers enough space to work on the side of the road.

WSP is conducting a statewide “Slow Down, Move Left, for Emergency Lights” emphasis from October 27, 2016 through October 29, 2016. The purpose is to bring increased awareness to the “Move Over Law” which requires drivers to give emergency vehicles an extra lane of space on the side of the road.

In 2011, the state legislature doubled the fine to $214. But drivers still don't appear to be getting the message.
Roadside crashes involving a trooper patrol car appear to be increasing every year.

WSP had 33 patrol cars hit and 16 troopers injured in 2015 alone. The Washington State Patrol contacted 4,216 drivers for the move over violation in 2015.

Emergency vehicles don't only include state troopers. Fire trucks, ambulances and tow trucks also qualify if their lights are on.