A hiker who went missing near Mount Teneriffe was found on Thursday and is off the mountain.

King County Search and Rescue members, including mounted crews, had been looking for Kimberly Haines and her dog Rainey since Monday night.

After crews located Haines, she was airlifted off the mountain and taken to the hospital by ambulance. Haines was listed in good condition and wanted everyone to know that she was doing well.

Haines had her dog, Rainey, with her throughout the whole ordeal. “Rainey would never leave her side, we knew she was keeping her warm at night they were together,” Karen Haines said.

Loved ones swarmed the ambulance and Haines told them she was okay and nothing was broken. There was plenty of love for her dog and for the volunteer rescuers who gave so much to make this happen.

It was help from her cell phone that turned the tide for searchers. They got some limited tracking about where her phone might be and put more crews nearby.

Mountain rescue volunteers Drew Fletcher and Dave Perkins said, “there's no trail; it's really, really rough,” they said. The pair found Haines in an area with rugged terrain.

“We heard a dog bark and then we shouted out to her and she replied at first we both thought it was somebody else,” Fletcher explained. “Then we saw her and she was good and we just hugged and cried.”

The pair said Haines was happy to see them. She survived by staying near a water source but the terrain had taken a toll, she was sunburned and suffered some cuts and bruises.

Some search and rescue members slept in the woods for two nights before continuing their search Thursday.

The Mount Teneriffe trailhead is near Mount Si, both of which are about five miles east of North Bend.