Construction workers were honored Wednesday for saving a 3-year-old boy from drowning in Lake Washington last year. It's applause the men say is totally unnecessary.

The men were building a new hotel in Renton when they noticed a woman trying to rescue a child from drowning.

"I still see those eyes, that kid with his eyes completely wide open. I still see it," Sean Sumner said. "I still hear him cry out for the first time. I still feel that, that relief. It was the biggest relief I ever had in my life to hear that kid scream. We were all in tears, screaming, hugging, yelling and high-fiving."

Chris Lucas, Ernesto Vasquez and Sean Sumner are trained to perform CPR as a part of their job. They did so until medics arrived.

"I went to a corner and wept. I could not hold my emotions anymore," Vasquez said.

The men say it's changed their own lives, but not because of all the awards.

"I don't need that. The boy's alive, and that's it," Lucas said.