Just one week after the Medina City Council voted to approve a new cell tower at Fairweather Park in Medina, the council appears that they may take an action to reconsider the deal.

The agreement was part of a lawsuit settlement between T-Mobile and Independent Towers (the company building the tower) and the city of Medina. The tower would be 80 feet tall and would be placed alongside a 1500 square foot cement bunker for equipment. In a special meeting Monday night the council voted to hold a meeting Thursday "to take possible action" after it heard from several neighbors about their concerns.

"We've said to T Mobile many times, we invite you into the community, just not into our parks," concerned neighbor Cindy Adkins said. "Once the park is open to one cell tower this is essentially a cell tower farm."

Adkins says Fairweather Park is the only park in her neighborhood and she said she doesn't want its valuable space to go to a cell phone tower. T-Mobile says they have a gap in coverage and with an increased demand for cellular phones and they want to make sure everyone is able to get strong service everywhere at all times. The initial agreement not only allowed T-Mobile to build the tower, but it says that the company will provide landscaping work to improve the park's appearance.

"The cell site is needed for T-Mobile to provide Medina residents with reliable in-building and in-vehicle wireless coverage, as well as 911 service," T-Mobile said in a statement.

It is still possible that the council opts to move forward with the initial plan to allow them to build, but it is expected that a final decision will be made on Thursday at 6:30 at the Medina City Hall.

"We're pro technology and we're pro parks, and we believe there's a pro community solution," Adkins said.