OLYMPIA, Wash. -- For nearly two years, minors have not been able to walk inside Green Lady Marijuana. It’s been the law of the land at all of the state’s recreational pot shops. But that changes next Friday, July 1.

“Five-year-olds with epilepsy will be allowed to come into the store,” said Jennifer Fry, one of Green Lady’s newly licensed medical marijuana consultants.

More than 80 percent of the state's recreational pot shops will be able to sell marijuana to patients July 1, including minors.

Fry noted that those under 21 will have to be accompanied by an adult caretaker and have the necessary medical forms before any marijuana is sold to them.

The state is also concerned about allowing minors into the stores for the first time since the state started allowing it in July of 2014.

“We will be checking more IDs within the store,” said Justin Nordhorn, Education and Enforcement Chief for the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Nordhorn said the state will increase its unannounced ID checks, and will continue to use undercover minors to identify problem stores.

The state will also work with owners to educate them about fake IDs and what minors need to buy pot legally.

Under medical marijuana legislation passed by lawmakers in 2015, patients who register with the state do not have to pay sales tax on marijuana purchased at a state licensed store.

Registered patients will also be allowed to buy three times as much marijuana as recreational users and qualify for certain home pot grow cooperatives.