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Just in time for the Fourth of July, thieves targeted a patriotic display at an office building in Kirkland.

They were caught on camera stealing one of two giant American flags that hung from Crosby and Associates' Ameriprise Financial Services off Lake Washington Boulevard Northeast on Friday.

"It's really disappointing for us," said Chris Wille, who works for Crosby and Associates and is in charge of hanging the flags. "Very unpatriotic, for sure."

Wille said the office has made a tradition out of hanging flags every Fourth of July and for other holidays as well.

"So we've got happy holidays, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and flags for all of the Seattle sports teams," he said.

He put the American flags on display last Thursday, in advance of the Fourth of July. Surveillance video shows a thief stealing one of the flags at about 11:40 p.m. Friday.

"We have pretty good pictures of it," said Wille. "I'd say he's probably mid to early 20s. He's shorter in stature, because he was kind of up on his tiptoes."

The video also shows a silver SUV, possibly a Honda Passport, with at least one other person inside. The vehicle can be seen on video pulling into the parking lot just before the theft takes place, and the suspect runs toward the vehicle afterwards, with the flag in hand.

"I have no idea what their intention is, other than some young kids trying to be funny with one another," said Wille.

Wille and his co-workers don't find it funny at all. The massive 10' x 15' flag cost the company more than $600. But even more important, Wille feels that stealing it is shows a disrespect for the patriotic display.

"This isn't how you support your country," he said. "So please give it back if you can. Turn it in, drop it off somewhere if you don't want to get caught."

The company filed a report with Kirkland Police, who are now investigating the theft. Wille also gave investigators a copy of the surveillance images.

Anyone that might recognize the silver SUV or the young man seen in the video is urged to call Kirkland Police.