Marysville, Wash. -- While Marysville-Pilchuck closes its doors this week following a deadly school shooting, the Grove Church announced it will be open all week to serve students and families..

It's one of the many gestures of compassion seen throughout the weekend.

During Sunday service, the media was asked not to talk to members of the congregation on campus, but it didn't take talking to anyone to see and feel this community's pain.

"There's no question that our community has experienced a deep wound," said Pastor Nik Baumgart during the service.

Off campus, church members like Darrell Walker told us their stories.

"I'm a teacher in the district, I went to school at MP and I grew up in this community—I've been here my whole life," said Walker. "I don't think we shouldn't be doing this on our own, first and foremost we need to lean on God."

For three weeks, pain has been the topic of sermons here at Grove Church. However, no one imagined it would hit them in the form of a deadly school shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High.

"It's such a difficult situation, and I don't think there's a script on how you respond," said Heather Baumgart, whose husband leads the Grove Church. It's a chruch now leading the efforts to heal.

"I think that's the hard part, is just seeing that everyone is reeling from this and nobody knows how to deal with it," said Baumgart.

While this congregation never saw this coming, they find comfort knowing there's a greater power that did.

"As a church, we had already been ready," said Baumgart. "God was preparing us for what we didn't already know the tragedy we would be experiencing."