The Village restaurant, which burned down in February, has reopened and is once again baking its famous pies.

“The first pie we pulled out of the oven, I cried, I was so excited,” said Alicia Adamson, who owns the restaurant.

It’s been a popular stop along I-5 for decades. Many travelers consider it a mandatory detour along their journey.

“We've been making pies in Marysville since 1937,” Adamson said.

A mechanical problem sparked an early morning fire in February, and it took firefighters hours to extinguish the flames. Almost as soon as the smoke cleared, the community stepped up to help The Village and its dozens of employees.

“It was so amazing, so many other restaurants contacted us and said they would take our employees immediately on a temporary basis until we decided if we would rebuild or whatever,” Adamson said.

They recently reopened across the street from their old property and customers rushed back.

“It's awesome, this has always been a meeting place for Marysville,” said Jerry Carrier, who has been eating at The Village for about 30 years.

“We've run out of food every day since we've been open,” Adamson said.

All but one of their original employees have returned to their jobs, and the pies haven’t changed one bit.

“We all feel like, holy smokes, God works in mysterious ways, and we are truly blessed,” Adamson said.