It's a simple idea that's spreading quickly: Stripes of support for law enforcement that can now be seen on cars all over Maple Valley.

Andy Audette came up with the concept on Sunday, not long after he learned about the deadly attack on police officers in Baton Rouge.

"I decided we needed to do something immediately," said Audette. "We have to do something right now, to show the police officers our support. So I was in the garage and happened to stumble across a roll of ble tape and thought it will be really easy and cheap to roll a piece of tape on our car."

He posted on a community Facebook page and asked people to grab a roll of blue painter's tape out of their garage, and place a blue stripe across the back window of their car.

From there, the blue stripe campaign took off.

It's a small gesture that Audette hopes will let law enforcement officers in this area know that they are supported and appreciated.

Thanks to the power of social media, the idea is spreading beyond Maple Valley as well.

"I knew it would take off in Maple Valley," he said. "I didn't think it would get much bigger than Maple Valley. When I started getting pictures from Tennessee, Florida, Hawaii, and Australia, that's when I got pretty excited. That's when I knew it moved pretty quickly."

Johnsons Home & Garden in Maple Valley is also getting in on the campaign, offering discounted prices on blue painter's tape. The hardware store striped its front windows with blue tape that reads “Police Lives Matter.”

"It makes me very proud," said Audette. ""It makes me proud to live in Maple Valley."