A 41-year-old man was charged with first degree rape and first degree robbery Wednesday for the violent assault of an elderly woman at an assisted living facility in SeaTac last Thursday.

Louis Arbee II broke through the woman's window at the Falcon Ridge assisted living facility in the 21200 block of International Blvd., raping her while he "strangled her and repeatedly hit her in the face and head," according to court documents.

University of Washington Police arrested Arbee at a light rail station on Saturday night after he caused a disturbance.

The woman, a 71-year-old originally reported as 83 years old by King County Sheriff's Office, sustained facial injuries and two brain bleeds.

"The victim is terrified of the defendant," King County Prosecuting Attorney Nicole Weston wrote. "The level of brutality to the victim, while she was in her home, is very concerning."

Arbee stole the woman's cell phone and iPad while inside the apartment.

She waited several minutes before screaming for help out of fear. The staff at the assisted living facility responded and called 911.

Detectives found the suspect's fingerprints on the window screen and the woman was able to identify him through a photographic montage at the hospital, the sheriff's office said. A Facebook post by the suspect helped the woman confirm it was him.

Prosecutors said Arbee has a criminal conviction for a robbery and kidnapping in San Diego in 1996. He's also the suspect in another rape that is being investigated, Weston said in documents.

Arbee's bail was set at $750,000. He'll be arraigned Aug. 7.