After her fight with cancer, Madde the bulldog - best known for her five-year appearance as Gonzaga University's unofficial mascot - has passed away.

Maddie's owner posted the sad update on her Facebook page Thursday.

Dear Friends,

Today I couldn’t take the pain anymore and told my humans. Under the care of my loving vet Dr. Ben Hart Fairwood Animal Hospital in Spokane, Washington I grew my angel wings and flew over the Rainbow Bridge. (by the way there are unicorns)

I received so many wonderful stories about how I impacted lives. If you haven’t yet and still want to email me your story please do so because my human could use more. She needs some help now that I’m not there to care for her on earth.

More funding needs to go to Veterinary Medicine. I found out that there isn’t nearly enough as necessary and what we learn about us often and likely applies to human life too. I’ll be watching from Heaven to see who can help with this.

I am going to ask Jesus a few questions and I’ll send down the answers to my human in her dreams so she can share some answers with you.

Maddie's owner said during her five years at Gonzaga, the university used Maddie in commercials, videos, brochures, events, and the 125th Anniversary book.

Earlier this month, Maddie’s owner posted on her Facebook that Maddie suffered from bone cancer.

“Dear friends – my human is finally able to let me tell all of you, I have Osteosarcoma. A fast growing bone cancer found primarily in large dogs,” wrote the owner.

Maddie’s owner said she was going to participate in a clinical trial focusing on Osteosarcoma, but the amount of pain associated with all the procedures was not worth it to them.

The owners recalled events Maddie participated in past years, such as Relay-For-Life and Canines vs Cancer. Maddie’s owner had also pointed out the silver lining.

“The treatment and cure isn’t ready for me yet. I will be greeting my friends over the rainbow-bridge in several weeks and someday unite with my humans again.”

Her owner asked anyone who has memories, stories and photos with Maddie to share them to her Facebook page. The owner said they planned to make a book out of the stories and donate all the proceeds to “the study of making canine carts for bulldogs that lose their front legs.”