A non-profit that serves thousands of low-income children in King County is in need of help.

WestSide Baby is running low on donations of child safety items such as door knob covers, outlet covers, and drawer and cabinet locks.

WestSide Baby's Executive Director, Nancy Woodland, says these items are commonly the last thing people might think to donate.

"Because people don't necessarily think about it and the fact that child proofing items are so critically important, particularly to at-risk families or in difficult situations. Supervision is not always the same. It's crowded," said Woodland.

Beyond child safety items, the organization provides items such as diapers, clothing, high chairs, and toys to more than 38,000 kids in King County.

This year, WestSide Baby has introduced an Amazon Wish List to make it easier for people to donate.

"People want to donate. this is tangible, as soon as we started making people more aware of it, those packages started coming," said Woodland.

WestSide Baby has also launched its "Spring Clean" event, which encourages people to clean out their unwanted items and donate them.

You can find more information about the items on the Amazon Wish List here.