Sunday local western Washington crews -- from electricity workers to first responders -- left to help the southeast U-S after Irma.

“They’re flying by the seat of their pants in Florida right now,” said Lakewood PD Assistant Chief John Unfred in a briefing with the Pierce County Incident Management Team, or IMT.

“Tallahassee is gonna get hit,” he said in the afternoon briefing. “And that’s also the staging area that we’re headed.”

Within the hour, the group of 24 members from Lakewood Police, West Pierce Fire & Rescue, and the Department of Corrections hit the road on what’s expected to be a four-day trip.

“We’ll get an assignment either on the road or when we get there and check-in,” said Unfred.

IMT members said the deployments typically last two weeks. At this point, the team does not know what their role in Florida will be.

“Most likely it will be either running like a logistics point of distribution,” explained Unfred. “Where they bring in truckloads of food, water, ice, that kind of stuff and hand it out to citizens.

“We might handle a specific incident. Or like a county or large city EOC and backfill them. Really don’t know at this point,” he said.

Sunday morning a separate group of 19 Snohomish County PUD workers left for Georgia. The line workers will work on restoring power to metro Atlanta if Irma impacts power lines.