SEATTLE -- An update to a story we brought you about a year ago, about the Northwest's first living-donor liver transplant between unrelated adults

The recipient, 24-year-old Kailyn McIrvin, had her diseased liver removed and replaced with part of her 34-year-old neighbor, Jaime Cuzick's liver.

The Shelton residents got very positive news at today's checkup from surgeon Martin Montenovo: they're doing great!

The women say they like the fact that they can reassure others who are considering the procedure.

"It's good for them to see a success story so their fears of kind of like, 'oh, if those guys can do it,' and a year later, we're not looking too shabby. I mean, I'm not feeling bad," says Jaime Cuzick.

The surgery was performed at UW Medical Center, which kicked off a two-billion dollar "Accelerate" campaign Friday to boost its groundbreaking work in transplants, protein and cancer research.