Alcohol thefts in Puyallup on average are up to nine a month. While Lori Newby of Corkscrew Cellars hasn't been hit, she's extra cautious.

You get new people in and you're unfamiliar with who they are, where they've come from and we do keep an eye on them, she said.

Concerned about this rising trend, Puyallup Police did an independent crime analysis. It found that post privatization, the number of people under 21 who are stealing has doubled.

And that 95 percent of thefts are now hard alcohol, with the prime targets being grocery stores.

I hope the study makes retailers realize they need to be a good neighbor, they need to be good stewards and they do have a responsibility to make sure their product is sold to those who are legal and able to buy it, said Capt. Scott Engle.

The hope is this study puts pressure on stores to cooperate more with police and report thefts. But so far they haven't and Lori Newby knows why.

They're probably a bit ashamed of what's going on. They don't want the consumer to know how bad the issue really is, she said.

It s pretty hard to dispute the facts. They are what they are, said Engle.

Lori hopes for a solution to the threats soon because the area has already had too much.

Unless they do something it s bound to get worse, she said.