SEATTLE -- In King County alone, there are more than 100 dams.

While most of those are small, four major dams hold back significant waterways from reaching more than 200,000 people who live, work or commute through the areas that could be in danger if there were an emergency.

"I think it's important that local governments learn lessons from other local governments experiencing a crisis," said Reagan Dunn, chairman of the King County Flood Control District.

Dunn called for legislation Wednesday to reexamine evacuation and emergency response plans for dam disasters.

The four major dams in King County are Mud Mountain, Howard Hanson, Masonry and Tolt River.

"We have evacuation plans in cities and towns but they're not coordinated as well as they could be," said Dunn.

"They're not coordinated with county emergency management, FEMA or the Army Corps of Engineers. We want to take a comprehensive look at what those evacuation plans are, fill in the gaps, communicate that information to the public."