SANTA ANA, Calif. - A lawyer for an Afghan family of five who traveled to the United States on special visas and was detained in Los Angeles says the family was released.

Talia Inlender, a senior staff attorney at Public Counsel, says the government agreed to release the family Monday.

The family will be traveling back to Washington state "soon," according to Caitlin Bellis of Public Counsel. The exact time was not released for security reasons.

The U.S. government has not released specifics as to why the family was detained, Bellis said.

While the family has been released, they have not officially been admitted to the U.S. yet. They will attend an immigration hearing in April to determine their status moving forward.

Messages seeking comment were left for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Department of Justice.

The family was detained after arriving at Los Angeles International Airport on Thursday on their way to resettle in Kennewick, Wash. Lawyers say the father obtained special immigrant visas for his family after working for the U.S. government in Afghanistan.

After being stopped at the airport, he was held at a detention center. His wife and young sons were detained at a hotel, lawyers said.

A federal judge ordered a court hearing for Monday on the family's case after this weekend blocking government officials from removing the family from California.

The family's names have not been release.