Another budget deadline looms in Olympia and lawmakers have yet to find a compromise.

Thursday is the final day of the third legislative session, and democrats and republicans still need to approve a budget.

The hang-up is over a water-use bill that would also make way for a state construction budget. Republicans want to pass a law, making it easier to access water in rural communities but Democrats want more oversight.

Republicans say they won't move forward until that part of the budget is settled.

The House approved $4.2 billion for the budget.

Here is a breakdown of where some of that money will go:

  • Nearly $1 billion of that money goes to help local school districts build or renovate schools.
  • $100 million will go to Washington's mental health system.
  • $10 million will be used to improve Western State Hospital.

The two-year budget would also generate an estimated 19,000 jobs.

Lawmakers have until the end of the day to reach an agreement unless the governor calls for an additional special session. As of now, they're not scheduled to meet again until January.