Retired Lakewood Police Chief Bret Farrar was best known for leading his department following the murder of four police officers in 2009.

But loved ones at his memorial service Saturday remembered much more about Farrar, who died from cancer earlier this month in Arizona.

His family held the memorial in Pierce County, where Farrar served the community for nearly 30 years. Daughter Samantha Farrar said the family appreciates the love the community has shown them.

”My mom and I have received so many letters about how Dad personally touched their lives,” said Farrar. “It fills my heart to know how many people appreciate what a beautiful soul he was.”

Current Lakewood Chief Mike Zaro, who worked as Farrar’s assistant for seven years, said he’ll remember Farrar for the concern he always showed for every member of the community, his will to serve, and his sense of humor.

Zaro told Farrar’s family the retired chief was one of a kind.

“I hope you’re at least able to take some measure of comfort in knowing Bret touched innumerable lives and he’ll never be forgotten,” said Zaro.