A fleet of 30 Lamborghinis took to the streets of Seattle on Friday morning to kick off a five-day journey around the Pacific Northwest.

"This is the perfect environment for our cars," Alessandro Farmeschi, chief operating officer at Automobili Lamborghini America, said.

The sports cars gathered at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel Downtown Seattle to start the tour that will take them to the Olympic National Park, down the Oregon Coast, to Astoria and to Portland, a spokesperson said.

"it's not a coincidence that we start from here," Farmeschi said. "It is where we develop and study composite material. That's one of the key features of our cars."

The tour is part of the 2017 Lamborghini Giro, which has taken place all over the world in cities like Shanghai and Rome. Many owners make the event an annual affair.

Several people spotted the brightly-colored cars boarding a ferry at the Seattle ferry station on the way to Bainbridge Island.

New and historic models of the cars were part of the group, including a new 740-horsepower flagship Lamborghini Aventador S.