LAKE STEVENS, Wash. -- Isabel Marsh's artwork is hard to miss in her parent's home. Soon, it may be easy to see when you do a simple online search.

The Lake Stevens High School teenager is Washington's nominee for the annual 'Doodle 4 Google' contest.

"One day, I just came up with an idea and I thought, I like this," said Marsh. "I feel happy that I drew something people liked."

The announcement was made at a school assembly Thursday.

"Everybody was already wearing their Google doodle t-shirts," she recalled. "I thought, 'oh, this is for me.'"

Her entry into the contest was sparked by a teacher, but Marsh has long dabbled in doodling. The work, done on a laptop computer, features a character of her own creation giving bees a bouquet of flowers. It's a metaphor for being kind to the environment, she said.

"If you think you're doing something wrong, that might hurt the earth, then just don't do it," explained Marsh.

Online voting ends March 6. Google picks a winner by the end of that month.

If Marsh does not win, she said the confidence taken from her artwork's positive response is enough to motivate her to pursue this creativity in college.