The King County Council approved funding Monday that it says will directly contribute to the support of immigrant and refugee communities in the county.

The funding, totaling $750,000, will help provide resources such as legal assistance, rights education, and community development to members of at-risk communities across the county.

"This is an investment for all of King County," Council Chair Joe McDermott said in a statement. "This legislation will provide relief for both immediate and emerging needs of those communities."

The county said the money became available after an assessment of unspent funds from the county's 2015-2016 budget and will be divided into three different elements. Nearly half of the funding will, in partnership with the Seattle Foundation, create the Resilience Fund, which is open to public and private investments and will continuously help with the development of community-based organizations.

Additionally, the funding will dedicate $300,00 to organizations that offer legal assistance to immigrants, the county said. $100,000 will be given to organizations that provide cultural understanding resources for both immigrants and native Washingtonians alike.

"Immigrants and refugees are an integral part of the fabric of every community," McDermott said. "This is an important step as we continue to ensure our country is a safe and welcoming place for everyone."