CHICO — Clad in black caps and gowns, seniors at Crosspoint Academy strode across campus one last time Tuesday, hand in hand with students a decade their junior.

Instead of sending seniors to revisit their old elementary classrooms on a farewell tour, Crosspoint, a private K-12 school, let its youngest students escort graduates around the grounds while parents and peers cheered them on.

"It's kind of a Kodak moment," principal Ken Ebersole said.

Inspired by a Texas school whose senior walk went viral, Ebersole pitched the idea, but with a K-12 twist. In the end, "it didn't take a lot of selling," he said.

The walk is meant to celebrate seniors and give the younger students a potential glimpse into their own future. Seniors Maggie Wright and Taylor Jacobsen said seeing their classmates in graduation attire "made it real."

"It was fun to take them around the halls, just to show them what it will be like when they're in our shoes," Jacobsen said.

The walk was "the last hurrah" for Mary Scheline, who has attended Crosspoint for 10 years. Crosspoint's seniors graduate Friday.

"We're giving (the kindergartners) a sense of what to expect."

Crosspoint, which has around 350 students, already tries to take advantage of its large range of student ages, Ebersole said. Older and younger students are paired into "study buddies" and often pass one another in the halls.

The school hopes to continue the tradition — and, one day, celebrate a student who escorted a senior as a kindergartner return to complete the cycle.

"I think it's' neat for the young kids to get a vision of where they're going," Ebersole said.

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