Homes on Key Peninsula, Fox Island, and Anderson Island will soon drop local directionals at the end of addresses.

Key Peninsula Fire Chief Guy Allen has heard it all.

"Why is your address so quirky? Why is it so weird coming out here? What does KPS even mean?" he said.

He hears it from neighboring first responders – mutual aid, who sometimes don't understand how directional addresses work on the Key Peninsula.

"There's just all these little anomalies when you get out to a rural area like this," he said.

Key Peninsula addresses have a KPS or a KPN on at the end, which stand for Key Peninsula North and Key Peninsula South.

GPS sometimes has trouble recognizing the KPN and KPS, and so does mutual aid when fire crews come out to help the six-member fire department on the peninsula.

"A water tender was coming out of Kitsap County, and they ended up out on Fox Island, clearly nowhere near us," said Allen.

Pierce County leaders say the county complies with national systems, next generation 911, and that helps first responders get to emergencies more quickly.

The county plans to scrap the KPN and KPS and just go with NW and SW. Fox Island and Anderson Island, which use FI and AI, respectively, will no longer have a directional either.

"No more KPN, no more KPS, it'll be northwest and southwest," said Allen. "I've always wondered why it was KPN since I've been out here for 18 years, and I just thought why wouldn’t it be NW and now it will be."