Kentlake High School will hold a Unity Assembly Friday morning in response to a hate incident on campus. The assembly in part is a response to a profane message left inside a mailbox for a Muslim staffer.

The anonymous handwritten note had five words on it: "F___ YOU + RAMADAN + ALL MUSLIMS," it said. Someone left the message in the mailbox of a staff member at Kentlake High School.

This letter was left inside a mailbox for a Mulsim employee at Kentlake High School. Photo: KING 5

The district says the employee found the message after the principal and that employee sent out an email school-wide explaining that for the month of Ramadan, some students would take part in "physical and spiritual journeys to renew their faith."

Those rituals include "fasting" and "one of five prayers" that will take place during the school day.

The school district reported the "hate" message to the sheriff's office, but neither a police nor an internal investigation turned up who wrote it.

Thursday, the district released a statement saying "...this sort of behavior is against our core values and will not be accepted. We are one of the most diverse school districts in the state and country and welcome adherents to many and all faiths ..."

A spokesperson said the district cannot and does not promote any particular religion, but tries to prepare students so they can respect others.