Kent brothers Jeff and Mike Kulawiak love to talk about their race car.

"When we first started, it was hey, it's the mustache car. We love the mustache on the hood," says Jeff.

They get plenty of looks when they are really racing, but it's not just off-road.

"It's a race car that we drive on the street too and everybody sees it, smiles. It's just kind of a small, friendly reminder," said younger brother Mike.

A friendly reminder, that November is Movember, growing the stache is meant to grow the conversation about men's health. Jeff's interest began with a UW study about men's health. Mike just thought it would be fun to grow. That was seven years ago. It wasn't until last year things got personal. He lost his college rugby coach.

"It was prostate cancer," says Mike.

Then last week, he lost a former teammate who was Mike's age.

As his little girl zips around the house, Mike understands how important men's health is now more than ever.

"He had a little daughter like I've got. To find out that he passed, it was just so sudden. It definitely resonated a lot with me," said Mike.

This year, Mike is raising money in his memory, and both brothers hope to drive the point home to raise awareness.

"An awareness that there's more people counting on you than you realize and the importance to be around for all of them," says Jeff. "Whether it's your nieces and nephews, or even your mom and dad."

Whether it's doing laps around the house after a 2-year-old, or laps around the track, with each other, these brothers know it's not so much about the race, as it is about time.

"There's a ticking clock on all of us," says Jeff. "When that happens I don't know, but I want the clock to run as long as possible."