KENMORE -- Peter Garrison is so confident he'll lose power when the storms roll through, he's chopping wood out back to feed his wood stove in the living room.

"I've never seen anything like this in my life," said Garrison, who says he experienced four black-outs since moving to his house in Kenmore a year ago.

The problem is a stretch of power lines known as Circuit 26, which runs through backyards and sandwiched between thick trees. The area has been a known power outage problem area for years.

"Every time there's a big storm, we lose power," said Brock, who lives around the corner.

He's also preparing by getting his generator ready.

Kenmore's mayor and city council started working more closely with Puget Sound Energy late last year.

The power company told KING 5 it has plans to replace thousands of feet of wires and install "tree wires" which can handle fallen branches better.

Neighbors also credit PSE for trimming trees along the stretch that runs through backyards.

"Tonight is going to be the test, right?" asked Garrison, who is also getting his camping grill ready. "We'll see how the rest of the stormy winter goes."