PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- Superior Court Judge Jay Roof listened to arguments for three hours Tuesday afternoon on the recall of Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist.

He will issue his decision in writing on whether the recall can move forward.

Jeff Helsdon, the attorney representing recall petitioner Cheryl Iseberg, a business owner from Fircrest, put all 12 charges against Lindquist before the judge, including vindictive prosecution, discriminatory hiring practices and evading public disclosure laws.

The attorney representing Linquist claimed Iseberg has no firsthand knowledge of the charges she's claiming.

"Somebody actually needs to have knowledge," said attorney Mark Hood. "You can't put 10 people in a room, start a rumor, and have them all agreeing to it and suddenly have knowledge that a recall component can rely."

Lindquist is facing legal complaints on many sides. Two of his deputy prosecuting attorneys have filed whistleblower complaints against him. He has a case before the Washington State Supreme Court on the release of his private cell phone records. And a complaint has been filed with the Washington State Bar Association, accusing him of misconduct.

"People have reached out to me directly and indirectly. 'Thank you, thank you. What can I do to help? This is what happened to me. This is my story of Mark Lindquist,' and that has resonated," said Iseberg.

Lindquist issued a statement Tuesday afternoon. Part of it read, "In our business, if you do your job effectively and hold people accountable, you're going to make some folks unhappy."

It's unclear at this point when the judge will issue his ruling, but attorneys are expecting to hear something this week. If he allows the petition to move forward, Lindquist would have a chance to appeal.

The petitioner would have six months to collect more than 38,000 signatures to put it on the ballot.