What would you do if your groom got cold feet just weeks before the wedding?  It's a question we hope most brides never have to answer, but a Seattle woman recently found herself facing that heartbreaking dilemma.  So she decided to turn her big day into something even bigger.

Dana Olsen lives in California, but is from Seattle.  She and her mother spent the last year planning her dream wedding.  Six weeks before the event, set for January 16th, Dana was stunned when her fiance told her he no longer wanted to marry her.

"Pretty much immediately I thought about the fact that my family had paid for almost the entire wedding, and I knew we wouldn't be able to get most of it back," said Dana.  "So after the shock of what had happened wore off, I started to think about what to do.  It just felt really terrible and wasteful and awful to just have all that money and this beautiful event that wasn't going to happen.  I just couldn't stand the thought of it being wasted."

Dana said the cancellation came too late to get a refund, so decided she wanted to make something good happen from her sad situation.

She told her mom, Karen Olsen, about the idea and together the pair decided to partner up with Mary's Place Shelter in Seattle to do something special for the homeless women and children who live there.

About 150 of them are now invited to the wedding, which has transformed into a one-of-a-kind celebration.  And when other people started to hear about the Olsens' act of kindness and generosity,they joined in as well.

Lauren Grinnell with Lala's Cuts will be doing hair and makeup for 42 of the homeless women in attendance.  Someone else donated jewelry for them to wear, along with dresses for both the adults and the children.

The event will include a full catered dinner and a live band that will now be playing dancing music for the kids.

"I love that hopefully a lot of people will have a really fun night," said Dana.  "I just want it to be really fun.  I mean, if we can't have a good night, I hope that they have a great time."

Since Dana lives in California, she won't be going to the big party, but her mom is planning to attend.  She says she can't wait to meet the guests of honor.