KENT, Wash.-- Reverend Jesse Jackson, the civil rights leader who spent so much time talking about the racial tensions in Ferguson, Missouri, is now focusing on Seattle.

He says the technology industry here is ignoring women and minorities.

"The reality is the high-tech companies are more segregated than the Ferguson police department, at least they had two blacks on the police department," Jackson told a gathering of students at TAF Academy in Kent.

He's calling on the tech industry to create more opportunities for young minority and women tech workers.

"We intend to go to the shareholders meeting and demand that there be racial and gender equality," he said.

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Jackson plans to meet with Microsoft executives during the few days he's spending in Seattle and says he's trying to get a meeting at Amazon.

"I thought it was pretty cool because I think technology is cool and all women have rights," said Alondra Quintero, a 7th grade student.

Jackson says racial and gender inequality in the high-tech industry is one of the primary civil rights struggles of our time and he wants this generation to be the ones to change that.