Not a whole lot has changed in our weekend snow forecast. We still are expecting to see at least a few snowflakes over parts of the lowlands heading into this weekend. Some accumulation is possible, but this event is looking more like an amusing weather display than a travel headache.


A trough of low pressure is forecast to slip overhead Friday night into Saturday, essentially lowering the snow level. By Saturday morning, elevations above 800 feet could be looking at some wet snowflakes mixing in with rain showers.

Snow levels drop further both Sunday and Monday providing better chances lowland snow, mainly above 300 feet. This is because the trough will be centered on top of us, and the coldest temperatures are expected here.

The bottom line is to be aware that some snow showers are possible from Saturday through Monday, with some patchy areas of light accumulation possible. Most of the snow chances should occur during the morning hours when temperatures are at their coolest.

By the afternoon, temperatures warming into the lower 40s should raise the snow level back up above 1,000 feet. Still, it’s surprising to see the potential for lowland snow this late in the season.

The good news is that we’re reaching that time of year where it gets more difficult for snow to accumulate. And even if it does, the ground is warmer than freezing, and we should see things melt rather quickly. So at its worst, we’re looking at some areas getting a quick inch or so, and then melting within a few hours.