TACOMA, Wash. -- Almost every afternoon there are families who wait on the other side of the barbed wire at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma.

Maria Aldana waited for her husband Wednesday afternoon. He's an undocumented immigrant from Mexico who has been detained for six months. Aldan says her husband was detained when he was working at a dairy farm in central Washington.

Her husband and his sister, Theresa Marin, have been living in the United States since they were children. They were brought by their parents and have been fighting to stay in this country.

Peggy Herman, a deportation defense attorney with Advocates for Immigrants in Detention Northwest, set up a 36-foot motor home outside of the detention center this summer to help immigrants and families. The motor home cost $25,000 -- a significant chunk of the organization's budget.

"It's that safe place. It's a welcome place. It's an embracing place. We offer them something to drink or to eat. We give them a ride to the airport. We help them get to the bus station and make sure they have a ticket to get on the bus. We don't just drop them off and leave them," said Herman.

Herman and a group of volunteers operate the truck 3-6 p.m. when immigrants are released from the detention center. Some families reunite at the motor home.

"I'm interested in building community. I'm interested in a diverse and wonderful community that recognizes diversity regardless of how it shows up," said Herman.

Herman is looking for volunteers to help. Here's there website.