REDMOND, Wash. -- Teams of inventors from 35 countries are converging on Microsoft this week for the tech giant's 14th annual Imagine Cup.

The competition puts students on a global stage to use their technology skills to create applications, games, and solutions aimed at making a difference.

"This not only gives them an opportunity to explore a career in tech but to solve real-world issues too," said Victoria Grady, Microsoft's General Manager of Development Experience.

One team of engineering students is from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. They've invented a virtual reality app designed to identify and prevent bullying.

The VR experience puts users through scenarios that help generate empathy and compassion which can be used to foster awareness for the issue.

Their project was inspired by the tragic case of Amanda Todd. The 15-year-old committed suicide in 2012 after being cyberbullied and "sex-sploited" online. Her mother Carol is in Seattle for the Imagine Cup this week.

"We never believed we would ever meet with Carol, and now she is here with us," said Ilias Chrysovergis, team member from Greece. "Now we will give it our 150%."

The Imagine Cup continues all week with the championship round scheduled for Friday.