Crowds gathered in Seattle and Tacoma to demonstrate against President-elect Donald Trump and to take a stand against discrimination.

“Writing a check is not enough anymore, we have to get up, and we have to get out here, and we have to not stop until we are certain that we have secured the future that we want for our country,” said Ellen Johnson, who marched in Tacoma.

Hundreds locked hands around Seattle’s Green Lake to spread a similar message.

“There are so many people who are so scared right now, and we just want to come together and let everybody know we will protect you, we are here to fight for you, we will not stop, there millions of us,” said Elizabeth Osband, who helped organize the event.

For many in the crowds, the events were a call to action for Democrats, who are starting to think about how to regain some of what they lost in the election.

“There’s so many millions of people that didn't bother to vote, the sooner we can get organized, the sooner maybe we can get those people to care come mid-term elections,” said Christopher Piers, who took part in the Tacoma event.