If you've gone looking for solar eclipse glasses, you know they're almost impossible to find.

Most of the King County and Seattle public libraries that had been distributing free glasses are out.

However, both the Redmond and Bellevue Public libraries plan to hand out about 80 the morning of the eclipse.

The Museum of flight has 1,000 pairs that will be available Monday morning.

That's when the Pacific Science center will be distributing 800, but only to paying visitors or members.

Your options are also dwindling if you're looking to buy the glasses.

Before an operator at REI even picks up your call, you'll hear the message, "if you are calling in regards to the solar eclipse glasses, our stock has been fully depleted."

The same goes for other local stores, such as Lowes, Rite Aid and Fred Meyer.

A spokesperson for QFC told KING 5 that a few of their Seattle area stores may get a small shipment of glasses in on Friday, but they expect those to go quickly.

You can still find some on Amazon, but be careful. A few vendors note they're expecting a new shipment before the eclipse but that the glasses wouldn't physically get to you until the 22nd or 23rd.

You'd miss this year's big event, but you'd be ready for the next total solar eclipse visible from North America on April 8, 2024.

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