According to Seattle City Light, only about 15 percent of area homes have central air conditioning.

So, if it's just you and your portable fan against the world don't worry: here are tips for keeping your home cool.

Seattle City Light's Scott Thomsen says to keep your windows open, even during the heat of the day.

"Create as much cross ventilation through your home as possible," Thomsen said. "If you shut your home up tight, you're essentially creating a hot box."

Although you'll want your windows open, draw the shades, especially on windows that have a western or southern exposure. Sun can quickly heat up a room. Outside awnings can also help reduce the heat.

At night, pull back the curtains to increase circulation, said Thomsen.

Portable fans can help in the heat, but Thomsen says, "remember portable fans cool people, not rooms."

Position the fans where they're either cooling people, or helping with cross ventilation -- let them help draw the cooler air in from your windows.

Thomsen said the key to ceiling fans is, "you want the fan blades turning counterclockwise, so they produce downward air to cool people off."

Thomsen cautions that some "heat hacks" sound great, but aren't very helpful.

Setting a bucket of ice behind a portable fan can provide a "small marginal gain of cooling," said Thomsen, "and a bigger chance of creating a wet mess as it melts."

He said to keep the ice in drinks to help you stay cool and hydrated.

"It might feel good to open the fridge, but the advantage is temporary."

Once you close the door, the refrigerator will start working hard to cool the inside back down, creating heat in the room.

Katie Wallace with Energy Trust of Oregon adds that you should not only avoid using the hot oven during the afternoon and evening hours, but you should also skip using dishwashers or clothes dryers in the afternoon as well. They generate heat.

If you're lucky enough to have air conditioning, set it at 78 degrees when you're home, but 85 when you're away.

That will not only help you stay comfortable; it will keep the load down and avoid a power outage.