As Washington’s beer industry continues to have success in the state, we took a closer look at homebrewing. In recent years, homebrewing has become a popular hobby for many, but some still aren’t sure of how to get started.

Jesse Young is a homebrew advisor with Micro Homebrew in Kenmore.

“I just point people in this direction because the deluxe homebrew starter kit comes with everything you need,” Young said. “This kit is really nice because it comes with your five gallon stock pot, two fermenters, one acts as a fermenter/bottling bucket, capper, airlocks, brushes, auto syphon.”

Young told us in addition to a starter kit, homebrewers should purchase an ingredient kit as well.

“Just like a computer you have your hardware, you need your software. That’s what these are. These are your recipe kits,” Young said.

The ingredient kits include items like your yeast and grains, even things like bottle caps as well.

Young said people should not be intimidated about the amount of time it takes to brew.

“It’s fairly easy, the brewing is basically done in about two to three hours. And then it’s just letting it sit at room temperature for about two weeks,” Young said. “From there you bottle it, you add a little bit of sugar so the yeast can kind of eat the sugar to produce CO2, you cap it, and let it sit for another two weeks. So in the course of a month with little interaction, your beer is completely done, ready to drink.”

Young said typically it costs about 200 dollars to purchase a starter kit, and from then on your standard recipes will cost about 40 to 60 dollars. Most recipes produce five gallons of beer which is the equivalent of about 48 to 50, 12 ounce beers.

For more information on homebrewing you can visit the homebrewers association website at or stop by Micro Homebrew in Kenmore.